WREN Icons Gallery Exhibit



featuring the work of Marcia Wood Mertinooke and Kristine Lingle

The ICONS exhibition explores the various meanings and roles the word can represent; each artist has their own way of interpreting and expressing the meaning of an icon.

Marcia Wood Mertinooke is an artist living and working in Goffstown, New Hampshire. She received her BA in Studio Art from the University of New Hampshire and was a student at the Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York. She was a founding member of the Monastery Artist Collective in Manchester, NH and is a member of the New Hampshire Women’s Caucus for Art. To Marcia, icons honor and elevate what is important to us. By combining the senses of realism with emotional expressionism, each of Marcia’s works are a version of reality interpreted and invented.

Kristine Lingle is a painter, collage artist and art teacher currently working for a fine craft gallery in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She creates her work in a sunny studio inside a cottage she shares with her husband and two tabby cats. For Kristine, icon paintings strike us because they represent the frontal view of a figure, which show a direct relationship with the viewer and the icon being depicted.

This exhibit opens on Friday, March 6, with a wine and cheese reception, and runs through Tuesday, March 31. The Gallery at WREN is open weekdays from 9am to 5pm and weekends 11am to 5pm. For more information, please call Local Works Marketplace, WREN’s retail market, at (603) 869-3100.

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Marcia Wood Mertinooke

Marcia Wood Mertinooke on ICONS...

"Icons address our need to honor and elevate what is important to us. They are a physical representation upon which we can focus our thoughts and energy towards a higher purpose.

Their use and their creation in history reveal our deep longing to use imagery as way to focus our energy to a greater purpose.

When we envision an icon, we imbue the purest version of our existence upon it. That which is often overlooked is what holds this meaning.

Current works present a dichotomy of existence. That which is often viewed as irrelevant is that which is necessary. What we ignore is most essential. The overlooked is the sacred. This encapsulates the longing to understand the past, present, and never was.

Figures and objects are used in an iconographic manner, a vessel to the message that what is familiar is also unknown. Graphic two-dimensional backgrounds are their own symbolic, hieroglyphic type language and are used to further convey the meaning of the overall image. Combining senses of realism with emotional expressionism, each work is a version of reality interpreted and invented."



Marcia Wood Mertinooke Domestic Bliss
Marcia Wood Mertinooke Outdoorsman Painting
Marcia Wood Mertinooke Whisper Sweet Nothings

Kristine Lingle on ICONS

"The word icon in general terms means image.  More specifically, an icon is a religious portrait representing a venerable holy figure.  Historically, icons were typically painted on wooden panels.

Icon painting strikes us by the frontal view of the figures, which brings it in direct relationship with the viewer and gives the fullest expression to the faces.

In modern culture, the word icon has taken on less of a religious connotation and a more generic reference to any image, graphic or symbol, especially those on a computer, used to navigate a system."

Kristine Lingle
Kristine Lingle artwork
Kristine Lingle artwork
Kristine Lingle artwork