Mission and Values


WREN was founded 25 years ago, powered by rural women committed to the mission of supporting better lives and livelihoods, enhancing the vitality of Bethlehem’s Main Street and practicing and promoting innovation in rural economic development. Through the years, WREN’s work has impacted thousands of people across New Hampshire’s North Country by providing technical assistance training and market access for local entrepreneurs and artists and providing educational, cultural and social events for the entire community. The Gallery at WREN and The Local Works Marketplace at WREN supports the livelihoods of local artists while also increasing the vitality of Bethlehem’s Main Street. WREN has also gained recognition from national organizations such as the Ms. Foundation and the Aspen Institute, for its innovative efforts in addressing the needs of rural entrepreneurs. 

Core Values

WREN is committed to continuing the mission of supporting better lives and livelihoods and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, artists and makers by living out these core values in all we do: 

  • Inclusion. We recognize the inherent worth and dignity of all people and welcome all individuals regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, race or sexual orientation. 
  • Community Oriented. We are committed to working with local and regional partners and utilizing our resources to promote the economic development and well-being of businesses and communities throughout the North Country. 
  • Courage. We understand and acknowledge the financial pressures and uncertainties of operating a viable business or nonprofit organization in the North Country and are willing to make the difficult decisions necessary and put forth the energy and commitment to maintain a sustainable organization. 
  • Innovative. We utilize our creativity and innovative thinking to solve pressing problems and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 
  • Resilient. We are able to adapt, withstand and recover from difficult conditions and situations.