WRENtrepreneur of the Year Award

The WRENtrepreneur of the Year award is awarded to four (4) WREN members whose entrepreneurial success and participation in the WREN community best represents WREN’s mission and values.

Who is eligible to win the award?
Any WREN member who is an active entrepreneur, meaning he/she is the owner, partner or majority shareholder of a business.

Who can nominate someone to be a WRENtrepreneur of the Year?
• The entrepreneur him/herself
• Any member of WREN
• Friends, acquaintances, neighbors, customers, clients, employees
• Local organizations or local government agencies

How do you nominate someone to be a WRENtrepreneur of the Year?
Complete the short nomination form found here. It must be received by WREN no later than September 7, 2018.

Who will choose the WRENtrepreneurs of the Year?
A small selection committee composed of WREN’s Executive Director and two board members. To ensure fairness, the members of the selection committee may not win or nominate entrepreneurs for the award.