HOP: One-On-One Business Assistance

What is HOP?

One hour. One topic. One-on-One Business Assistance

Sometimes you’re stuck on some aspect of running your business as an artist, artisan or market vendor, and just need a little bit of help to get back on track or get moving in the right direction. Or perhaps you’re ready to take your business to the next level, but you don’t have the time or resources to invest a whole year or more in your career. Maybe you’ve found that you learn best in one-on-one situations as opposed to group settings.

If any of these scenarios describe you, then HOP might be just what you need!

HOP Sessions are designed to give artists and entrepreneurs focused one-on-one help on a range of business topics, in short, stand-alone, no-nonsense sessions. HOP is nuts and bolts help/feedback/instruction delivered in an hour, scheduled at your convenience, and tailored to your specific and individual needs. You can have your HOP session in-person, on the phone, or via video chat.

Members can sign up for one-hour sessions with one of our Program Managers* to get help with the common business challenges, including:

  • Pricing Your Work/Product
  • Branding Yourself or Your Business or Your Product/Work
  • Setting up on Social Media – Instagram or  Facebook
  • Deciding where to show/sell your work
  • Presentation/Packaging (frames, mats, hang tags, bags, etc)
  • Selling your work online


Need help with something you don’t see covered? E-mail one of our program managers with your question or challenge, and we’ll design a session just for you. Keep in mind HOP sessions are designed to tackle a single issue or topic, to get you unstuck and moving forward towards success in your business. They cannot take the place of our extensive array of resources to help with big-picture business growth. Check out our classes and events for these opportunities.


HOP sessions are available to WREN members only. Each session costs $45, but are free to members who income-qualify through our Microenterprise Scholarship program (please email for application).


Ready to schedule your HOP session? Contact the appropriate WREN program manager below:


*For fine artists, email Katherine Ferrier, Artist Technical Assistance Program Manager, at katherinef@wrenworks.org

*For artisans or those interested in WREN’s retail services, email Katy Curnyn, Retail Vendor Technical Assistance Program Manager, at katyc@wrenworks.org

*For farmers or food producers, email Ruth Ann Hacking, Farm & Food Program Manager, at ruthannh@wrenworks.org