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The WREN Maker Studio Berlin will provide a place for inter-generational community collaboration, education, classes, workshop and networking events. Members can work on their businesses and projects while learning new, creative skills through workshops, mentorship, events and a peer-learning environment.


It’s a community operated workspace where people with common interests~ like computers, technology, science or art~ can meet, socialize and collaborate.

Maker Studio members will have access to the new technology of 3D Printers, rotary tools, cutter, CNC Machine to further the tools to make and create in the Fab Lab. A small metals and electronics area will have soldering irons, small tools to make jewelry, stained glass or repair old electronics, arduinos, in the Small Metals Studio. The combined Art & Fiber Studio will contain sewing machines, art supplies, and tools for creativity. A Media Studio contains photography studio and video green screens. A large classroom and conference room looks out over the bright Berlin Main Street, with mountain and river views. The basement, with walk-out access to Pleasant Street, will include a Pottery Studio, with an electric kiln, two electric wheels, a kickwheel, slab roller with glazes, tools and clay materials. Each “Studio” will have classes and mentors to help teach and explain the safety and use of materials, and interest areas will be modified and grow with community interest and support. Woodworking Studio used for woodturning will open June 2016.


“The idea is simple: independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Coworking spaces are about community building and sustainability. Participants agree to uphold the values of collaboration, openness, community, accessibility, and sustainability. We are about creating better places to work and as a result, a better way to work.” (Coworking Wiki)

WREN Works Maker Studio is offering coworking space as another way to catch up on modern entrepreneurial and professional networking resources. On the cozy Berlin Main Street, nestled between locally owned small business shops, services and food, WREN hopes to foster the growth of the overlooked independent entrepreneurial community. It’s important that a small rural city can keep these kinds of workers here, to ease the transition for the self-employed and provide business support, resources and a sense of community.

WREN’s 20 years of networking and community building is a natural progression into the concept of a coworking space. With incubator offices in Bethlehem, two art galleries, two outdoor Farmers Markets, and two retail stores, we are tuned into the needs of small business owners and those who are looking for low-cost ways to access their markets. For these same small businesses that are straddling the gap between a home office and a public place to meet clients, coworking allows for flexible professional workspace without the commitment to expensive overhead. Many of these entrepreneurs are just looking for a way to further themselves through workshops, experiential classes, and a local community of other businesses to connect with. WREN Works Maker Studio will evolve and grow to meet the needs of this small rural city we call home with an interesting combination of coworking, incubator space, and maker studios that support people to connect, create and inspire.

WREN Works Maker Studio

Made possible through WREN Member Support, Northern Borders Regional Commission & the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund.