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Local Works ProductsWhy a store? In 1999, the largest percentages of our members were artisans and crafters. The biggest challenge voiced by these members was market access. The store provides both a learning opportunity and a market access point now for over 200 members. WREN also welcomes buyers from throughout the New England area who have found this store to be a source of new vendors.

A REAL WORLD Retail Experience for the WREN Community:
For some, the WREN store is their first retail experience. The WREN store is managed like any other retail store you will do business with now or in the future. WREN has experienced a valuable learning opportunity through this retail endeavor, and we imagine you will feel the same. Our hope is that you will, if you haven’t already, learn the answers to all of the following questions and more through this experience.

  • Do you quality control your work?
  • Is your product consistent in packaging, size, and quality?
  • Do you know the wholesale price of your product?
  • Do you respond to orders placed for your product?
  • Are your deliveries on time?
  • Is your product packaging designed for your target market?
  • Is your product marketable in this store?
  • Do you have point of sale information about your product for the store staff?
  • Do you think seasonally and develop new products or add-ons to enhance your products salability?
  • What makes your product unique that will help the store staff in selling your product?
  • Do you have a schedule of when you will call the buyer of the store to check on your product stock?
  • Do you know the best time to make your deliveries to the retail stores?
  • Have you considered hiring a sales representative? Can you afford this extra cost with your current wholesale pricing?

Here at WREN, we might not have all the answers for you, but we do have the resources and opportunity to learn, research, and connect with staff and other members to help you find your own answers!

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