Member Resources

One of the most important WREN member benefits is access to shared resources that many could not individually afford or organize on their own. These include:

  • online business directory
  • member bulletin board
  • weekly e-mail broadcasts
  • incubator office program & coworking
  • technology center & maker studio
  • multi-media lab
  • reduced rates for office services
  • networking events
  • WRENzine
  • discounts on classes
  • member to member discounts
  • member access to maker studios
  • supporting WREN’s mission

The ‘WREN Community’ is a peer-to-peer network of participants, instructors, mentors, and supporters of the organization. Early on, we recognized that the real strength of our work was in connecting people into an effective network. Business, non-business, rich, poor, native, newcomer, old, young – this broad spectrum electrifies and benefits our growing membership.

The WREN community knows how to work AND play. Providing opportunities for connecting and networking with other members is one of the greatest resources we offer. Attend one of our events and and you will discover what we mean – enjoy our First Friday gallery openings, the open summer Markets, classes, tools, workshops and more!


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