Meet the May Artists in The Gallery at WREN!


The Gallery at WREN presents:
Orbits: Sinead Cleary and Ella Carlson

On Friday, May 5 from 5-7pm the Gallery at WREN presents the opening reception of Orbits, a shared exhibit featuring the high end handcrafted jewelry of Sinead Cleary and the high resolution fine art photography of Ella Carlson.

The exhibit is jointly sponsored by The Adair Inn and Beth Simon, owner of The League of NH Craftsmen in Littleton, and brings together two North Country talents who share a focus on the simple geometry of spheres. Carlson’s work is indeed jewel-like, with images of flowers, and architecture transformed into kaleidoscopic orbs against a black background. Cleary is an up and coming young North Country artisan who has been gaining a following with her handcrafted necklaces and earringsthat often feature inlays of precious stones. Presented together, the work makes for a sophisticated exhibit, perfect for the month of May.

Ella CarlsonElla Putney Carlson has a master of fine arts degree from the New Hampshire Institute of Art and has earned professional photography degrees including Master Photographer, Master Artist, and Educational Associate. She’s won numerous photography awards including Kodak Gallery Awards and Fuji Masterpiece Awards and has exhibited in the Danforth Museum, Artistree Community Arts Center and Gallery, Vermont Center for Photography, Arts League of Lowell (MA), DeCordova Museum, Cove Gallery (Gloucester, MA), and the Professional Photographers of America International Exhibitions. Her book on Photoshop in Fine Art will be published in 2017.

I feel it is imperative to appreciate the importance of deeper consideration, and to challenge the idea of absolute truths. In my current work, I photograph the ordinary––those objects often barely noticed. I then disassemble, reassemble, and distort the imagery, investigating hundreds if not thousands of ways in which each of these objects can be manipulated and, therefore, reconsidered. As a result, the photographed object is no longer limited by its definition. No longer an “absolute”, the object transcends banality to become the sum of many complex considerations.



Sinead ClearySinead Cleary began studying jewelry making in 2012 at the Littleton Studio School after moving to Northern New Hampshire. She has studied with Jean Matray, Lucy Golden, Paulette Werger and Joy Raskin, among others, and has been inspired by them to pursue jewelry making as more than a hobby.
Her work is currently shown throughout the North Country in various venues including Bella Funk Boutique, WREN’s Local Works Marketplace and Gallery at the Omni Hotel, and The North East Kingdom Artisans Guild.

The jewelry studio is where I feel most comfortable, most like myself. I know it like the back of my hand. Something about it just feels like home, where I am meant to be. I just love the fact that I can create beautiful shiny pieces with my two hands, a sheet of metal and a variety of tools. I get lost in creating. I never start a piece with a specific design sketched out. I love letting the piece create itself. I just take what I have for materials and stones and let it become what I feel it is meant to be.  My mind is calm only when I am creating.