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Our gallery is located at 2013 Main Street in Bethlehem, NH.
We are open from 11 am - 6 pm, 7 days a week.


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Gisele relocated to her home state of New Hampshire 10 years ago, and has created a series of paintings celebrating the beauty and iconic scenes of the Granite State. Working from photos, the paintings are done in her studio with acrylic paints on canvas or wood panels. She received her Masters Degree in Fine Art and has been painting professionally for over 20 years. Memberships include NH Made, NH Art Association, and WREN.

Gisele’s work can also be viewed at her studio in Bedford, NH. Additionally, her work can be purchased online at

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I continue to find endless inspiration from the beauty of my home state. This new body of work continues my exploration of the light, color and form experienced as I travel throughout New Hampshire. Thanks to those who have shared their images as references for my paintings, as I am not able to reach some of the most remarkable views. I am very pleased to be involved with the folks at WREN, who do so much in furthering opportunities for the residents of Bethlehem and surrounding communities.

Michele Johnsen has spent a life time as an artist and maker. She has owned and operated The Studio since 1996 where she’s done all manner of commercial work, along with framing and sign painting. She began a foray into the fine art world during this time and produced a large number of portrait pieces for a wide variety of clientele.

In 2001 she received a Bachelor of Science degree from Granite State College in Art Education and has spent the past 11 years teaching art in the Colebrook School System to students in grades 1 through 12. She graduated with an MFA in Visual Art from NH Institute of Art in Manchester, NH in January 2017. She’s been incremental in establishing several art associations in the Colebrook area including Lovering Mountain Arts, Colebrook Arts and the Great North Woods Committee for the Arts and is currently on the board of the Connecticut River Artisan Group. Her work has been included in a long list of group and solo shows around the country that include The NH Institute of Art Biennial, Manchester, NH, Climate Gallery in Long Island City, NY, The Shaw Gallery in Keene, NH, Soo Rye Gallery in Rye, NH, Exeter Fine Crafts in Exeter, NH and the WREN Gallery in Bethlehem, NH.

I’ve considered myself a landscape painter for more than a decade, but my Master’s work has prompted me to inquire into precisely where my work fits into the landscape tradition, and why I choose this particular motif as my primary focus. The description of intimate spaces and sublime vistas are my response to the way the landscape reflects the light and creates patterns on the forms of natural surfaces. Through the use of graduated hues, abstracted mark-making and highly saturated color I am able to articulate a range of emotional responses that speak to aesthetic rationales, and to psychological and spiritual concerns, allowing access into the magic of those special places.

While producing my work, I find myself feeling nostalgic for childhood memories that revolved around sweet spots in the environment. In order to have a greater engagement with these ideas, I invited friends and neighbors to take me to the places that resonate most deeply with them. Along with the pure attachment to aesthetic qualities, I reflect on how, as an artist my work engages with events that cause a disruption through the hand of man and nature. Does the work provide documentation that articulates my vision of the landscape that causes joyful moments? Ultimately, this passion to describe these moments appear to be a long and never ending journey that brings attention to both beauty and responsibility.