Saturday, January 18 at 1:00 pm
Local Works Marketplace at WREN  |  2011 Main Street, Bethlehem, NH

To keep with the theme of dreaming big, bold, and brave during this brand new year, WREN will be hosting a free Dream Journal Workshop on Saturday, January 18 at 1:00 pm.

Traditionally, these journals have been used to record nighttime dreams. During waking hours, they are then reviewed to reveal deep-seated desires. Studies (as well as personal experiences by the workshop leader) have shown that repeating mantras, establishing a pre-sleep routine, and keeping a dream journal close by, can make a dramatic impact in dream retention and reflection. Why not take a chance and see what your dreams are trying to tell you? With bits of patterned paper and an infusion of your own personal inspiration, these easy to assemble yet infinitely individual pieces will provoke introspection through free flowing thought.

Basic materials will be provided, including glue sticks, scissors, hole punches, journal building and binding materials, a selection of patterned and plain paper, colored pencils, and markers.

*Do you have some beloved odds and ends that you’ve been holding on to for crafting purposes? Workshop participants are invited to bring their own papers, stickers, beads, scraps, and more to incorporate into their journals.