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educational, cultural and economic opportunities for people across the region.

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Thank you for helping to weave a WREN safety net that will keep us going and growing. 

When you think of WREN, what comes to mind…

The people and businesses at the heart of the WREN Community?

The culture and comradery of a Gallery opening?

The fresh, bright feel of our retail stores, the pleasure of supporting local entrepreneurs?

The learning and sharing of a WREN class or program?

The bird’s eye view of all we do and touch as you read the latest WRENzine?

The bounty of regional goodness found at our Gorham and Bethlehem farmers’ markets? 

Through the ups and downs of the last 23 years, we’ve learned that if we want to support people’s lives and livelihoods or revitalize a fading Main Street, we have to give it our all. And we do! But we have never walked this path alone. You and hundreds of our members have been our companions and champions, giving back to WREN so that we remain strong and relevant.

 Like many nonprofits these days, we are anxious about funding. Even though we generate earned income to support a portion of our operations, we remain vulnerable to the uncertainty of the current political situation in Washington.  

Community Development Block Grant (HUD) funds and USDA Rural Business Development grants support many of WREN’s business development offerings. Over the years, these dollars have made it possible for nearly a thousand of our members to access entrepreneurial training and support, to utilize WREN markets for their products and services, and enjoy networking opportunities that increase their earnings and connections. 

 This funding is currently on hold until a budget is approved in Washington. We cannot assume that it will continue at its present level. It may even disappear. We have reached out to our congressional delegation to enlist their support for continued level funding and will remain proactive in addressing this financial uncertainty. But we can’t wait to see what happens, we have to act now!   

For the next few weeks we are conducting our Give Back to WREN Appeal. Because of the urgency to assure we have the resources we need, the WREN Board has taken the first step, making contributions to this campaign totaling $4,050. Please join them today.  With your help and others in the WREN Community, we hope to double, even triple that amount. As always, your gift is tax-deductible. Please go to our Donate webpage or send a check (made out to WREN) to P.O. Box 331 Bethlehem, NH 03574.

You can follow our #GiveBacktoWREN campaign on our Facebook pages listed below.

Thank you, in advance, for helping to weave a WREN safety net that will keep us going and growing.

In the spirit of community!

Natalie Woodroofe,WREN Board President 

on behalf of the WREN Board and Staff