Natural Skin Care Collection

Come see our wide variety of skin care that made with natural ingredients! We have Bunny Boogie Products,Bee Products from S.Formulaters to name just a few !

Teach a Class

Teach a Class with WREN

We are looking for WREN members and individuals who will teach a class about something they love. You can be a hobbyist, a student, a professional… as long as it’s something you’re passionate about.

We will highlight your work publicly—through our website, WRENzine, Facebook,, local press calendars and press releases. Participating in our community-wide educational opportunities will gain exposure for you. Instructors are expected to promote and share classes through their own networks.

Instructors will be responsible for naming their class, writing up a short description for the WRENZine & scheduling the time and date of the class. Instructors will gather any monies that are due, take a full attendance, pass out and gather student evaluations at the end of class, and fill out an instructor evaluation. Instructors are paid 60% of class income and are encouraged to set the price of the class to be enough to give themselves an appropriate income. The 60% of the individual fee is paid to the instructor for their work, 40% is to reimburse WREN for the marketing, processing, management and facility overhead. All instructors must attend the instructors informational meeting prior to a new ‘semester’ beginning. All instructors will be notified of the meeting date once their workshop is confirmed.

The pricing structure for WREN classes is based on the per person attendance. Members receive a discount for all classes so please consider both the non-member and member pricing in your planning. (For example: Class fee $25 member, $30 non-member – instructor will receive $15 and 18 respectively) Please contact Laura Jamison directly if you are unclear as to how to price your workshop.

Many members have discovered that offering a free workshop is a great way to network, share your skills and create community around a topic or skill. We welcome and encourage proposals for free workshops. Please just put FREE in the box for class fees.

Instructors are asked to submit their bill for payment to WREN PO Box 331 Bethlehem, NH. 03574 or by e-mailing it to

Deadline for Copy:
November 17th for Winter into Spring: Jan-Apr.
March 17th for Spring into Summer: May-Aug
July 17th for Fall into Winter: Sep-Dec

Instructors are asked to submit their bill for payment to WREN PO Box 331 Bethlehem, NH. 03574 or by e-mailing it to

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Sap House Meads

Sap House Meadery from Ossipee is in our Bethlehem Store . They are wines made from Honey instead of Grapes and make a delicious accompaniment with desserts ,cheese or fruit !
Sap House Meads

New Hampshire HONEYBEE

New Hampshire HONEYBEE
New Hampshire HONEYBEE’s All Natural Honey is Ungraded Raw and available in Early Summer (light) or Late Summer (dark) made in Gilsum,NH. Available in our Bethlehem Store !

Norma St Germain’s Wren Bird Houses

Wren Birdhouses

Wren Birdhouses

Norma St Germain’s Wren Birdhouses make very unique gifts for the holidays ! You can find them at both our stores , Bethelhem Local Works and the Wren Local Works Gallery at the Omni Mt Washington .