Meet the June Artists in The Gallery at WREN!

The Gallery at WREN presents:
WILD WONDER :: Carole Keller and Mimi Wiggin 

18836952_1302292723153158_4332897009734869183_o (1)On Friday, June 2nd from 5-7pm the Gallery at WREN presents the opening reception of WILD WONDER, an exhibit of paintings by Carole Keller and Mimi Wiggin. The exhibit is sponsored in part by The Littleton Coin Company, and highlights the talents of two North Country painters who share a love of wild animals, and the natural world.

Wiggin says “The wonderment of the outdoors has always been exciting to me. In my paintings I want to pass along this excitement and raise awareness of what is in our “backyards” as an encouragement for all of us to live in harmony with our natural surroundings.”

The opening reception is part of Bethlehem’s First Friday celebration of art, which includes exhibits at Maia Papaya, and 42 Maple. This exhibit runs through June and is free and open to the public. The Gallery at WREN is open daily from 10am-5pm.

Carole Keller was raised in rural NH and began painting at an early. She studied painting and art history at Plymouth Sate College with Mary Taylor. She has lived and worked in Florida and California, where she studied with Georgia Abood. She is a member of the NH Art Association and the Lakes Region Art Association, and shows her work in Portsmouth at NW Barrett Gallery and at the Bleu Waves Gallery in Meredith. Keller teaches oil painting classes at her studio in the summer.

“I am inspired by painters like Sorolla, who have gone before me, lighting the way.I am intrigued by the way the light bounces around my subjects and the colors it creates. I grapple with bringing my strokes, one at a time, loosely to the canvas with the desire to push the lights and the temperatures in the hidden shadow areas. I am forever working out the temperature of the strokes I lay next to each other as I go.

I make art because it’s impossible not to.”

Mimi Wiggin is an award-winning oil painter whose depictions of birds, wildlife and local scenes have been featured in Kearsarge Magazine, SooNipi Magazine, The Art & Gallery Guide, and Forest Notes, as well as on the cover and in illustrations of a book about 19th Century Women Writers from New Hampshire. Mimi lives in the Mink Hills of Warner, NH with her freelance writer husband Larry Sullivan. Her work can be seen in: Surroundings Art Gallery Center in Sandwich and at The Gallery at MainStreet BookEnds in Warner.

“The wonderment of the outdoors has always been exciting to me.  In my paintings I want to pass along this excitement and raise awareness of what is in our “backyards” as an encouragement for all of us to live in harmony with our natural surroundings”.


Photo Tiles

Photo Tiles with scenes from Sugar Hill, NH and the surrounding area, by Barbara Reynolds. Available in a set of 4 or single tiles.



Call For Art: The Annual WREN Member Spring Show at the Gallery at WREN

This year’s theme: LOCAL WORKS




In this celebrated annual show, WREN members are invited to explore all things local: the people, the landscapes, the landmarks that make up the places we call home.
What does local mean to you?
Does it mean using materials found close to home?
Does it mean paying attention to the details of everyday?
This is your chance to share your unique vision with your community!

All works must be finished, framed and/or otherwise ready to hang or display, and be original artwork not shown previously in The Gallery at WREN.

Work should be dropped off at The Gallery on Tuesday, April 4, between 10am and 4pm.

ALL ARTWORK MUST BE FOR SALE, WREN receives a 40% commission on all work sold through the Gallery. Unsold works must be picked up on Monday, May 1, before 5pm. For more information email

**Not a member of WREN yet? Or maybe you’ve let your membership lapse? No problem! It’s easy to become a member or renew online:

Meet the Artists of Parallel Constellations :: Kristen Pobatschnig and Brooke Hammerle

On Friday, February 3, from 5-7pm the Gallery at WREN presents the opening reception of Parallel Constellations, featuring the colorful and abstract works of painter Kristen Pobatschnig and photographer Brooke Hammerle.

While working in different media, the two artists share a love of cosmic imagery, psychedelic and organic forms, and explorations of both color and light. The works are expansive, moody and poetic and offer the viewer an invitation to embrace their own associations and interpretations. The show opens on Friday, February 3, with a wine and cheese reception in the Gallery from 5-7pm, and will run through the end of February. The artists will be on hand to meet the public and talk about their work. Parallel Constellations is generously sponsored by Cafe Noche in Conway, New Hampshire.

15439975_734918351503_748236162113291565_nKristen Pobatschnig is an abstract painter from the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  After earning her BFA in Studio Art from Colby-Sawyer College in 2002, she has been painting and exhibiting her work throughout New England ever since. She is a graduate of Leadership Mount Washington Valley, and a 2015 graduate of Crista Cloutier’s Working Artist program, an international platform for emerging artists. As a Reiki Master, she teaches workshops that combine meditation, energy work and abstract expressionistic painting throughout New England. In 2014 she teamed up with painter Rebecca Klementovich and created the Femme Fatales of the North, a duo that pairs contemporary art with the White Mountains.

My latest series was painted with acrylic inks which gives the work a watercolor-feel. By working in flux, I feel guided to go with the flow, and let the art reveal itself to me in the process. This series explores Water; its healing effects on our bodies, as well as its reflection to the Cosmos. I explore it in all its forms: as a liquid, frozen, and in the air, such as in the form of mist or in rainbows. Compelled to advocate for our environment and for our water, in Cosmic Swim I aim to embody Nature’s magic within each painting, complete with sunlight sparkles and cosmic swirls of energy.

12744351_1751776995041618_4433050417512397770_nBrooke Hammerle is a photographer based in Providence, RI who began her artistic life as a painter. She studied painting at American University in Washington DC, the Art Students League in NYC, the University of Hawaii, and The Rhode Island School of Design. RISD. She worked professionally as a photographer to the Brown University Arts Departments, Visual Arts, History of Art, and the Bell Gallery in Providence, R. I. for more than 30 years, before retiring to pursue more experimental work.

The subject of my work is primarily landscape, and more recently light on water. Water becomes both a space and a surface where I can explore hidden worlds of multiple dimensions, and the spatial ambiguity between surface and reflection. These elements act implicitly rather than anecdotally. Aesthetically I am in search of a unity, the subtlety of shapes and patters floating in a rhythm of their own space and time, the poetry of nature’s design.

WREN announces new “LEAP” initiative to help artists launch their careers

Announcing a new Gallery at WREN initiative to support artists in taking their business to the next level of success! 
LEAP stands for “Launching Emerging Artists Program” and is an in-depth year long series of workshops, critiques, studio visits and networking events designed to give artists the tools they need to tackle common obstacles and achieve success in the marketplace.
Think of it like our  BETA program, only on steroids!
Monthly workshops
,peer-to-peer mentoring and critiques, a regular studio practice and numerous networking events with local and regional industry experts are the backbone of a curriculum which rivals many acclaimed MFA programs. In November, artists share a group month-long show in The Gallery at WREN.
Monthly workshops include:
  • Time Management for Artists
  • Artist Statement, Bios and How to Tell Your Story
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Framing and Presenting Your Work (For Every Budget)
  • The ABC’s of Building an Artist Website
  • How to Price Your Artwork
  • Photographing your Artwork
  • How to Apply for Gallery Shows
  • Overcoming Your Fear of the Dreaded Artist Talk
  • How to Teach an Artist Workshop
  • Online Sales for Artists
  • Building a Strong Community Network
  • and more… Scroll down to see complete schedule!
Want to see if LEAP is just the boost you’ve been looking for?
Applications are being accepted now until December 20 for the first cohort, that will begin working together in January 2017.
Scholarships are available to low/moderate income artist members.
Download an application here:
Supported in part through funding by the Community Development Block Grant and generous community sponsorship.


January 9: Time Management for Artists
Carrie Gendreau
Where did the time go?! It’s a question every artist asks at some point. In order to answer it,  you need to know how you currently use your time, so you can decide how you really want to spend those precious 24 hours in each day. This workshop will give you practical management methods, skills and techniques for identifying key time wasters, setting boundaries, managing frequent distractions and interruptions, and prioritizing yourself and your artwork.  Goal setting and action planning are key to time management success.  Start your year off with some solid tools that will help you to budget your time wisely and advantageously, so you can spend more time making your art!

February 6: Artist Statement, Bios and How to Tell Your Story
Katherine Ferrier
What is an artist statement, and why do you need one? Often, the thought of writing an artist statement can be laced with anxiety for even the most accomplished of artists. But having a clear, articulate description of your art is critical if you want to get your work out there into the world. We all know what we are trying to say with our art, but many of us have a difficult time organizing or communicating those ideas with words.  Gallery Manager Katherine Ferrier will show you how to write a thoughtful, concise, original and compelling artist statement that will get your work the attention it deserves. Bring a notebook and some photographs of your work to get the most out of this fun and relaxed 3 hour workshop.

March 6: Framing and Presenting Your Work (For Every Budget)
Sharon Reimer
The owner of the Framing Format in St. Johnsbury, will teach you picture framing basics in this 3 hour workshop. Learn about choosing materials and methods; sizing & cutting mats; mounting; canvas and fabric stretching; glass-cutting; joining frames; fitting & finishing. Learn handy tricks of the trade & examine which methods are right for you, your art and your budget!  Participants will try a variety of techniques and walk away with the know-how to finish a framed piece of their own artwork!

April 10: Social Media Marketing
Josh Simonds
We all know that building relationships with prospective buyers, patrons and clients is essential to a successful business. Increasingly, social media outlets are becoming instrumental for artists in the marketplace, opening up unprecedented promotional avenues and opportunities for networking. In this 3 hour workshop with owner of FaceFirst Solutions, Josh Simonds, we’ll look at popular social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and what each one has to offer you as an artist. Bring your own laptop or reserve one of ours to get the most out of this workshop. It’s helpful if you already have an account with at least one of the platforms listed.

May 8: The ABC’s of Building an Artist Website
Angel Larcom
You’ve worked hard and have a studio full of beautiful work that nobody’s ever seen. Now you’re ready to show the world your creations!  In this informative, hands-on workshop, Web and graphic designer Angel Larcom will show you how to set up and launch your own art or photography website, focusing on the WordPress platform. Create an account/url, choose from website templates, upload and organize your work, and watch it go live on the internet! Bring your own laptop and 5-10 digital images of your artwork to get the most out of this fun and informative 3 hour workshop.

June 5: How to Price Your Artwork
Beth Simon
Before you can bring your work to the marketplace, whether that be a gallery, retail shop, craft fair or online, you need to understand some basics about pricing. Some say it’s an art, some say it’s simple math. There are many ways to answer the question “How much do you want for that?”  Beth Simon, owner of The League of NH Craftsmen in Littleton will walk you through several strategies, to find one that will work for you! To get the most out of this fun and fast paced workshop, bring several examples of your work, to be priced using methods presented.
(Note: this class meets at The League on 81 Main Street, in Littleton.)

July 10: Photographing your Artwork
Angel Larcom
Trying to photograph your own artwork and making it look like it does in real life can be very tricky. In this hands on workshop, Angel Larcom will show you how to get good shots of your work you can use for marketing, promotion and documentation. Learn how to avoid reflections and shadows that can obscure your artwork or leave colors washed out. Learn how to keep frames straight and undistorted. If you have 3 dimensional artwork, you will learn how to make it “pop” off the background. Bring your camera and a sample of your artwork to get the most out of this action packed 3 hour workshop.

August 7: Tipping the Scales: How to Apply for Gallery Shows
Katherine Ferrier
When a gallery receives applications from 50 artists, but only has room to present 10 in a given season, simple math tells us that only so many will be chosen. How can you assemble the strongest, most complete portfolio of your work and put your best foot forward? What can you do to make your work stand out and get noticed? In this workshop we’ll examine industry best practices for preparing a complete and cohesive application for a gallery show. We’ll cover the 5 essential elements of a kick-ass application, and take a look at the top 3 mistakes that will land your application right in the trash. Bring whatever current application materials you may have (photos of artwork, artist statements, exhibition lists, etc.) to get the most out of this fun and fast-paced workshop.

September 5: Overcoming Your Fear of the Dreaded Artist Talk
Katherine Ferrier
If you’re like many artists, you’d rather have a root canal than stand up in front of people and talk about your work.  Deep down, though, you have a lot to say, and your patrons, fans and potential customers are eager to hear it! In this workshop we’ll talk about the tops 3 reasons you want to have a great artist talk in your back pocket, and the 5 foolproof methods for preparing a talk that will engage an audience and build authentic connections between your artwork and the viewer. We’ll take baby steps by practicing introducing ourselves to each other, and cover the basics of preparing a variety of slide-show presentations. You’ll get the most out of this 3 hour class if you’ve already got an artist statement. (Check out the workshop in February!)

October 10: Share the Wealth: How to Teach a Workshop
Katherine Ferrier
You’ve spent years honing your skills as an artist, and building your brand, but have you considered adding teaching to your “business of art” tool box? Teaching workshops can positively impact your artistic bottom line in a number of ways. In this 3 hour workshop, we’ll cover building an effective lesson plan, teaching to a variety of levels, setting up a workspace, assembling a materials list, finding places to teach, giving constructive feedback to students, and more. Space is limited, pre-register to save your spot!

November 6: Online Sales for Artists
Christina Lefebvre
Want to start selling your artwork online but don’t know where to start? In this 3 hour workshop Maker Space Manager, Christina Lefebvre will compare the pricing and features of several e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and Etsy. Learn the pros and cons of having your own website, selling through print-on-demand websites, using blogs and other social marketing tools, setting up shops, presentation, online marketing, and time-saving order management tips for artists. Guest artists will include several WREN member artists who are successfully selling online. Bring your own laptop, or reserve one of ours to get the most out of this workshop.

December 4: The Power of Potluck: Building a Strong Community Network
Katherine Ferrier and Jason Tors
Your overall success as an artist is directly related to the network of relationships you forge, both in your own small community and the art world at large. No artist can build a career on their own. We all benefit from a solid and supportive network we can lean on when we need help, advice, or an introduction. This last session of the LEAP series of “Business of Art” classes is equal parts hands-on workshop and potluck holiday social. We’ll start out by covering some simple steps you can take to build a strong and vibrant network, then practice some easy icebreakers to use in social situations. We’ll wrap up with a lively social hour, and an “Art Swap” (think “Yankee Swap, but with original works of art!) Participants will leave with some solid networking techniques, new contacts and a few original art goodies just in time for the holidays!

Pre-registration required by November 6 for this workshop.

Local Authors Bookfair & Special Member Appreciation 25% off Sale

Start off the holidays at the first Local Author Fair and Member Appreciation Sale on Saturday, November 19, from 11am-4pm at the Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, NH.

Come and meet over 15 authors who will be there to sell, sign, and share their books. Whether you’re an avid reader or an aspiring writer, the Local Author Fair is your chance to get to know local writers and their work. Speak to the authors directly and learn about their books and what they are currently working on. Adult fiction and nonfiction writers, children’s authors, and poets will all be represented at the fair. What a great chance to support local authors, and bring home some wonderful books.

LoveOurMembersAll WREN members will receive 25% discount on their purchase in WREN’s Bethlehem store and gallery. Please note we cannot combine this discount with any other current discount.

Raffle prizes will be drawn throughout the afternoon. WREN is pleased to offer this opportunity to support local authors, and to provide a venue where you, our local readers, can connect with them. For more information, check out or call the Local Works Marketplace at WREN at 603.869.3100.

Everyone is welcome to special readings and talks…

11am Parker Towle
Parker Towle’s poems burst with love. For over 30 years he was aphysician in Littleton and Lebanon, NH and St Johnsbury, VT. His poems achieve a fine balance between our coming and going on the face of the earth and the magical presence of the earth itself.

Noon Ron Roy
Ron Roy is the author of two novels, “Passing Time” and “Harsh Magic.” Both are workplace novels, set in a paper mill and an operating room, respectively. His third novel “Gadelles” from George Geer’s Plaideswede Press of Concord, NH ( will come out in Spring 2017. Ron grew up in Berlin, but has also lived in Iowa, Vermont, and Dallas, Texas.

1pm Grace Gershuny
Grace Gershuny is widely known as an author, educator and organic consultant. Doing business as GAIA Services, Grace works as an independent organic inspector as well as consulting for private and non-profit clients on all aspects of organic certification, developing related standards, and certification systems and training programs.

2pm Cynthia Dekett
Cynthia or C. A. Morgan is an artist, writer, singer/performer, blogger, teacher, wife, mother of five children and now a publisher. She is an autodidact who also holds a degree in Commercial Art from Michigan’s Ferris State University. For the past 25 years she has called the Northeast Kingdom home.

3pm Cathy Strasser
Cathy is an occupational therapist and author. She belongs to New Hampshire Writer’s Project and the New England Chapter of Sister’s in Crime. She lives in Sugar Hill with her husband as is currently working on her third book in the White Mountains Mystery series.